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Dance styles

Avanz Dance Academy offers recreational classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Leaps & turns, Musical Theater, Tumbling (Gymnastics) Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballroom and more.


12 month course

Ballet classes will introduce the basic fundamentals to each and every students. This fundamentals include: vocabulary, body alignment, positions of the arms and feet.
Emphasis in ballet class is set on barre, center work & progressions across the floor.


12 month course

Jazz class focuses on teaching the right dance technique. Students will learn basic jazz positions, isolations of the body, stretching, body movements, progressions across the floor, and more. 


12 month course

Students will learn all tap fundamentals which include: terminology, developing sound, rhythm and style. 


12 month course

This class is design for all students who currently receive ballet classes.

Lyrical class is focused on basic technique and includes skills from ballet, jazz and other dance styles.

contemporary CLASS

12 month course

In this dance class you will learn all the fundamental principles of contemporary dance. This dance style focuses on creative dance; it breaks down each movement in order to ensure quality to each and every step while dancing. 

ACRO CLASS (gymnastics)

12 month course

Students/Dancers will  work to achieve their goals in class. In this class you will learn and work towards   flexibility, body positions, balance, muscle control, vertical balance, strength, concentration, counter balance, discipline and much more! Dancers are taught by experts only at the studio. Please do not try to do any trick at home without expert supervision. Let’s prevent injuries.


12 month course

Dancers will learn different skills such as dancing, performance, lip singing, and acting; all in one class! This class will help dancer grow in confidence, team work, communication, and more! Let’s have some fun while performing!

hip hop CLASS

12 month course

This style of dance is a very interactive and high energy dance class. Students will learn many characteristics of African dance style and will also learn the latest trends of hip hop dance. 

ballroom class

12 month course

Ballroom is a very energetic and fun dance class. This class mixes different dance styles such as salsa, cha-cha, jazz & more! Come have fun with us!

leaps & Turns CLASS

12 month course

Is a dance class where students will learn different routines across the floor. Dancers will work on their technique, focusing on turns, leaps , jumps, flexibility, strength, and more in order to achieve their full potential.